Why use Clear Radar?

In CS, the radar is an important source of information. The default radar displayed players at incorrect positions than they were actually in. We fixed the inaccuracies of the default radar to help new players get up to speed faster and to help experienced players get the most accurate information as fast as possible




We use desaturated colors to ensure that player dots grab all of your attention. The absence of bright or busy elements results in players taking less time to accurately locate enemies and friendlies on the radar.



Our design process consists of going back to basics. We utilize the map files as well as in-game testing to ensure that we provide you with the most accurate radar available. Props, walls, and player positions are accurate on our radar


VAC Friendly

Clear Radar is safe to use on Valve Matchmaking and will not result in a VAC ban. Paid services like ESEA, Faceit, or CEVO, have never banned players reported for using Clear Radar or alternatives.



The bandwidth issue is fixed. Donations are appreciated and help the site stay alive



8/8 maps

2.7mb .zip


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5/27 - de_train released, no more pixelation! thanks /u/flizzflobking!

5/25 - black bg's added, alternative radar included for LOW CL_RADAR_SCALE users
5/22 - All radars are now sharper, thanks for the feedback so far
5/21 - De_Inferno released
5/20 - de_nuke lower radar cleared up (thanks /u/peizilla)
5/19 - de_cbble buy/plant zones added



The form's buggy so just email feedback@csmeta.com with feedback or suggestions for changes.